Social Entrepreneurship in South-Eastern Europe

Research on Social Entrepreneurship

The Meaning of Social Entrepreneurship
by J. Gregory Dees

The “father of social entrepreneurship education”, Greg Dees’ pioneering paper introduced the world to social entrepreneurship and how it can make an impact.

The Process of Social Entrepreneurship: Creating Opportunities Worthy of Serious Pursuit
by Ayse Guclu, J. Gregory Dees, and Beth Battle Anderson

For social entrepreneurs, an “attractive” opportunity is one that has sufficient potential for positive social impact to justify the investment of time, energy, and money required to pursue it seriously. Our model breaks the opportunity creation process into two major steps. See what they are in this landmark paper.

Exploration of the definitions for social entrepreneurship. Some say that a more inclusive term is all for the good, but the authors argue that it’s time for a more rigorous definition.