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Qualitative Methodology
Quantitative Methodology
Mixed Methods
State Analysis
Needs Assessment
Accelerators and Bottlenecks
Identifying factors
Analyzing Eco-Systems
Data Analysis
Quantitative Analysis
Qualitative Analysis


You need improved knowledge and skills? We offer:
Tailored training for capacity building and developing skills in entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, executive management, project management and leadership.
Three already established courses with tailored syllabuses:
Social Entrepreneurship 1-0-1
Social Entrepreneurship 2.0
Social entrepreneurship 1-on-1


You need advice and guidance in the social entrepreneurship? We offer both for:
Developing the Idea
Developing Business Plans
Developing Social Enterprise
Managing Social Enterprise
Legal Advice
Financial Advice
Human Resources management
Social Marketing
Project Management

Editing & Publishing

Wrote something new for social entrepreneurship? Send it to us. We will publish it and promote it.
We offer:
Peer review

Networking & Coordination

You need to reach the right people? Need to create powerful networks? We can:
Connect you with the group relevant to your endeavor
Build your communication & promotion strategy
Establish your networking platforms
Coordinate your projects, people and resources

Event Organizing

Thinking about organizing an event with a high impact? (scientific, managerial, technical, promotional, policy, or other relevant to your work) Call us, we got what you need. We offer:
Organizing conferences, trainings, seminars, round-table events, guest and key lecturers,
promotion of events,
organizing framework, and tailored specifications for your event to be remembered.