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The services brought to you by Social Entrepreneurship Observatory – (SEO)  include collection of data and other information related to social entrepreneurship in the South-Eastern Europe, which are of particular interest to entrepreneurs, innovators, social entrepreneurs and enterprises, academia, policy and decision makers, civil society, businesses, students, users and potential users of services and products made by social enterprises, and general population interested in social entrepreneurship.


By creating SEO, we aim to foster the development of social entrepreneurship and increase the visibility of the social entrepreneurs and enterprises. We also offer SEO as a platform for collaboration and networking.


The SEO was developed by the Center for Data Analysis CHIP (CHIP INFO DOOEL) in cooperation with the Association of citizens Social Entrepreneurship Observatory (


The distribution of all data is performed through SEO’s privacy policy is an integral part of our ongoing customer care. The policy is designed to ensure protection of users’ personal data on this site. is truly committed to protecting the privacy of personal data provided by users of the website. We want to ensure that you fully understand the terms and conditions concerning utilization of the information. Please read the privacy policy information carefully. Your access to and use of SEO’s designated website implies acceptance of this privacy policy and of any amendments to the policy. If you do not agree with our Privacy Policy and do not agree with the terms of use of our site and the information contained therein, please do not access or use our website.


Collected information and utilization thereof


Personal information

When using our services, you may be asked to provide identification information: name and surname, gender and date of birth, place of residence, username and password, as well as contact e-mail address you need to enter during your initial access / registration process as website user. This registration process is voluntary, so you as users decide whether to enter the data into SEO’s database. You may use our site without registering, but certain content will not be available to you. Our primary purpose is to enter personal data to provide you the information you need, such as: news, tools, resources, networks, policies, papers, coordination, research, visibility, needs, capacity building or other type of requirement that best fits the need of your search. 


We may use personal identification data obtained from you to send messages to you, or to tailor specific information that best suit your interests and needs. By analyzing your personal information and expressing your interests and needs, we develop and improve the offer you need. If needed, we will only produce aggregate (summarized) data that cannot be related to a particular person at all. This information is not linked to the personal information you provide when using the SEO website. Nothing will be rearranged, distributed, published or referenced except at your request, as well as in cases pursuant to the laws of the Republic of North Macedonia. In the event of a merger or acquisition of our company by another company, your personal identification information will be taken over by the new business successor, subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy. SEO may also share personal identification data with the competent authorities and by court order, as well as in other cases stipulated under applicable laws.


Impersonal identifiable information

SEO also collects information that is non-personal but can be identifiable, such as the IP addresses or location of your computer on the Internet, the number of visits, used browser, average time spent on the site. We use this information for system administration and troubleshooting, to improve the content and layout of the website, and to provide aggregate information to advertisers and other partners. We may disclose impersonal data in aggregate form to third parties or advertisers in a way that you cannot be identified,  i.e. that would prevent disclosure of demographic data. For example, SEO may share with the advertiser certain demographic data, such as how many men, women of different age groups, cities, or countries between the ages of 25 and 35 have visited the site in a given period. This is about our data that is statistically processed. We will regularly improve the website for the needs of our customers, to provide you with information on the services you are interested in, depending on your personal interests appropriate to your current need. Accordingly, we aim to allow advertisers, as well as their affiliates, to offer products or services that we find to be of interest to users of the website, to provide relevant information and offers to users.


Data monitoring


Parts of the information are stored in the browser software of your computer or temporarily stored in your computer’s memory through Cookies. Cookies are small files that are temporarily stored on your disk and that can store any information listed above. SEO can send and receive cookies on your computer. By setting Cookies you allow our website to recognize your computer when you visit us the next time so we can tailor the user experience to the site accordingly. For example, SEO uses cookies to identify the user, track the use of the website, which other sites you have visited, which links you have used, to add information about products and services of interest based on your needs. the information you provided or entered through your activities, as well as assessing how many visitors the site has. This information helps us create a new experience or upgrade an existing one that is acceptable to all visitors of our website. SEO also uses Cookies to store usernames and passwords provided during registration. If SEO uses Cookies to collect advertiser data, the advertiser concerned may receive an electronic notification when a user opens their advertisement. SEO may also use other advertisers on third-party networks to place advertisements on the SEO website, and may also use services to measure and analyze its traffic. Advertiser agencies are third parties that display advertisements based on your visits to the SEO website, based on information you have submitted or that are extracted through your activities therein. We direct third party advertisements to you for products and services that may interest you. Although advertisers and other companies do not have access to the Cookies left by the website, the network provider of third party advertisements on this website, advertisers, sponsors and/or attendance measurement services may place themselves and access their Cookies only if Cookies are enabled on your computer. These third-party cookies are set up, among other things, to help show you an advertisement you might be interested in, as well as to prevent you from constantly seeing the same advertisements. At the same time, they research the usefulness of a particular advertisement for you. This privacy policy applies only to our website. Third-party cookies and internet roadmaps are used under the terms of the  privacy policy of the third party advertiser, not under the terms of this policy. Most browsers are set to accept Cookies, but if you wish, you can refuse to leave Cookies on your computer by using appropriate browser software features (if any) to delete Cookies. However, you should know that certain parts of the website may not function properly if your browser does not accept or if you delete Cookies. Data obtained from advertisers and their partners will be used in a more efficient way to inform users of their products and/or services.


Minors (children)

Given that SEO website is also an educational platform, it could offer teaching and studying opportunities related to social entrepreneurship, whereby participants can also be children (pupils). Accordingly, we will not knowingly collect or publish data from children without consent of a parent or guardian, nor will we disclose such data to third parties. We recommend that parents or guardians teach their children about safe Internet use and disclosure of personal information.


Protection of data on the website

We have implemented numerous security features throughout the website, which are designed to protect the information held on our system from unauthorized disclosure, use or access to personal information. Access to personal information collected from users is limited to authorized persons who are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your data. Furthermore, when you first access our website or access your data through it, SEO offers you the option to use a secured server that encrypts the data you enter before sending it to SEO. However, although SEO strives to create a reliable and credible website for its users, we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of any communication or material transmitted to and from SEO through the website or by e-mail, and we are not responsible for the actions third parties would take with the received information. When entering any personal information, you should be aware of the fact that it is potentially visible to the public, and may consequently be taken and used by others without the user’s consent. Consumers should therefore carefully consider whether they wish to disclose personal and sensitive information they do not wish to be disclosed to the public and should be aware that use of the Internet and this website is solely at their own risk. SEO cannot guarantee protection of personal data transmitted over the Internet to and from our website, nor is it responsible for the actions of third parties. SEO warns its users to be careful and accountable when they are online.


Right to choose utilization or opting out of SEO data collection and/or distribution system

You control the information you provide. Website access, registration and disclosure of personal data is voluntary. Hence, users of this website may opt out of sharing their data with third parties or to request removal of their personal data from SEO’s database (as described below), or they may cancel utilization by clicking the link “cancel” available in each e-mail sent by SEO. As previously mentioned, collection, utilization and distribution of personal data largely helps us create relevant and individualized services. Without utilization of personal data we cannot deliver services in the best way possible. However, if you decide NOT to share some of your personal data, bear in mind that some sections of our website may not be available to you. 

Publication of personal data to third parties

We will not publish your personal data except to third parties who have signed contracts with us, including representatives, advertisers and other legal entities in cases set forth by law, in cases of business takeover and merger or other such activity, or otherwise defined under the Privacy Policy. We must note that we would not be liable for the activity or privacy policy of any other third party. SEO reserves the right to share or transfer your data during the process of registration or other data in cases set forth by law or upon request of courts or competent authorities when necessary to investigate and prevent illegal activity that may impose liability on us or you.

Links to THIRD party websites and data confidentiality

As additional service for users, SEO, on its designated website, may include different programs and tools created and administrated by third parties (hereinafter “Third party websites”) where, for example, you would have the opportunity to learn, educate, inform, network and collaborate. Utilization of third party websites is your personal choice and depends on your decision. Should you use external links to access third party websites, be informed that these websites are not subject to SEO’s Privacy Policy and we are thus not responsible for operation thereof. Hence, should you decide to use them, prior to accessing third party websites, revise the privacy policy of the website in question and terms of service of the third parties, given that they have their own privacy policies, protection and utilization of data. Should you decide to use one or multiple such websites, each data you provide as part of said website, as well as your registration data, would be available to the third party administrating the website. SEO will maintain the privacy of your legal information pursuant to applicable regulations in the Republic of North Macedonia, but we are not responsible for the manner and conditions of third party operations. SEO cannot guarantee that the third party would maintain privacy and protection of private data, even if the third party has promised to comply with applicable personal data privacy and protection regulations. We must highlight that we are not users of products and services offered to you on our website. Thus, we cannot be held liable for the provided quality or potential shortcomings of the product and/or service or for issues arising from utilization thereof. This is the sole responsibility of the advertiser.

Amendments to the privacy policy

SEO shall reserve the right to change the policy or performed activities, including the Privacy Policy, at any given time. The amendments to the Privacy Policy shall be published in this section and shall enter into force on the day of publication thereof. It is your task to visit this section and to study and review amendments. 


Note: The privacy policy may vary from country to country. We kindly ask users that access the website from different countries to stay informed about the privacy policy in their language. Your access and utilization of the website after the amendments would imply that you accept amendments to and criteria enlisted in the section Privacy Policies. Users of our website may be informed about all amendments to the Privacy Policy on the following link

Changes of data

The user may contact SEO at any given time and request changes to provided personal identification data, as well as to request deletion and removal of personal data from SEO’s database. You may send your requests to the following e-mail address In the request, please enlist your name and surname, address, e-mail and data you wish to change. If we receive such request, we may ask you to confirm any and all changes of your personal data. 

Right to information or How to contact us

Any and all questions users may have about the Privacy Policy or data use may be disclosed to SEO on the following e-mail Answers to questions would be provided within 24 hours upon receipt of the question.